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Speedy Generator Hire

Speedy Generator Hire

Hiring a generator is a great way to be able to power any electrical equipment in areas where there are no power supplies. For example, outdoor events frequently use generators to be able to power the stages and lighting. Many campers also choose to hire a generator, as do companies that offer wedding marquees on their grounds for example. Of course, generators are also used in essential services such as fire departments and hospitals, where a possible loss of power could have devastating consequences.

What is Speedy Generator Hire?

Speedy Generator Hire is a company that offer an impressive array of not just generators but also many other products. These include access equipment, aluminium towers, accommodation (furniture, accessories and temporary accommodation), communication methods, compressors, concreting equipment, consumables, decking, fencing, heating and cooling, lifting, lighting, plant equipment (excavators, dumpers, skips), pipe work and engineering, power ancillaries, pumps and accessories, rail equipment, safety equipment, small tools and maintenance equipment, survey and measurement equipment, traffic management, training and welding equipment.

With regards to generators, Speedy Generator Hire offers accessories such as cables, distribution boards, load banks, transformers, utility connectors and other accessories; and generators for accommodation, security and any other use.

Where Can I Find Speedy Generator Hire?

Speedy Generator Hire has 450 depots across the United Kingdom. You should be able to find a branch or depot within a reasonable distance from your own location as they are based as far north as Peterhead in the north of Scotland and as far south as Fairmouth.

Estimated Cost of Speedy Generator Hire

The prices of Speedy Generator Hire will vary depending on the generator you require. Prices are generally per week and do not include VAT. Prices are as follows:
  • A 50kVa Diesel silent multi-phase generator will cost 647 per week.
  • A 20kVa Diesel silent multi-phase generator will cost 274.10 per week.
  • A 2.5kVa Euzoi generator will cost 17.10 per week. This type of generator can be particularly relevant for campers, for example.
Prices for certain generators such as a 20kVa Canopy generator are available on request and will depend on what you require the generator for, what your location is in the United Kingdom and how long you will require Speedy generator hire to provide you with the generator. The largest generator offered by Speedy generator hire is the 1400kVA generator 415/3/50.

Most generators will also come with a charge for pick up and delivery, which will vary depending on your location to the nearest Speedy generator hire depot.

So, regardless of your location in the United Kingdom and your reasons for requiring a generator whether it be to allow you to continue to use all your creature comforts during a camping trip such as your mobile phone charger, laptop, television, microwave or games console; or whether you are organising a village fete and require power for the bouncy castles, band stands and other stalls, Speedy generator hire will be able to offer you a generator that can meet all your needs and requirements at a highly competitive price.

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