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Ozone Generator Hire

Ozone Generator Hire

Hiring a generator can be essential for the smooth running of an outdoor event, for example, which many companies specialise in. With an outdoor event, you will need power for any performance stages you have, flood lighting, catering, toilets and other facilities and potentially any stalls that may be present at your event. Hiring a generator to power all of this can be far more cost effective than purchasing a generator outright, as this would mean that you have a very large overhead cost for something that you may only use once or twice a year. Of course, if you purchase a generator, you will also be responsible for associated costs such as servicing and maintenance.

What is Ozone Generator Hire?

An ozone generator is generally designed to purify the air in a room by removing fumes. This is particularly useful after, for example, a fire. Ozone generator hire generally includes the generator, fume extractor and additional ducting. An ozone generator cleans and deodorises air by turning parts of oxygen into ozone.

Where Can I Find Ozone Generator Hire?

There are quite a few companies in the United Kingdom that offer ozone generator hire. Some of these companies operate all across the United Kingdom, others only on a national level. A few of the companies you could consider if you are looking for ozone generator hire are:
  • VP Plc. Hire Station, who specialise in industry tools as well as DIY and construction. They offer ozone generator hire as well as a fume extractor, additional ducting and an air scrubber.
  • Plant Tool Hire Station, offering ozone generator hire to remove smells from a home.
  • Ozone Solutions, specialising in a variety of ozone products, including ozone generator hire.
  • National Tool Hire Shops, servicing all of the United Kingdom with tool hire, including ozone generator hire.
  • Brandon Hire, offering many tools and machineries for hire, including ozone generators.

Estimated Cost of Ozone Generator Hire

The cost of ozone generator hire will vary depending on your requirements. The size of the generator will of course influence the price (the size is not physical size but the mount of kVA the generator can process), as will your location in the United Kingdom, as you may incur delivery and pick up charges. Of course, the length of your ozone generator hire agreement will also influence the price, as many companies welcome longer term hire by offering better value for money, sometimes charging any additional days at around only 35% of the first day.

So, if you are hoping to make a house smell nice and fresh again as well as being liveable by offering clean air after a fire, finding an ozone generator hire company could be just what you need. An ozone generator will be able to make the living space air once again breathable and free of toxic fumes. And with so many companies in the United Kingdom offering ozone generator hire, you are sure to be able to find one that meets your needs, requirements, specifications and, of course your budget.

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