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Silent Generator Hire

Silent Generator Hire

Thanks to recent innovations in technology, silent generator hire is not just a fantasy, it's a reality and silent generators are being used almost everywhere. From concerts to hospitals and from hospitals to television sets, the uses for silent generator hire are almost endless. Thanks to clever design and smart insulation creating acoustic dampening, many generators are practically silent.

It has to be said that a truly silent generator doesn't exist. To some extent, every generator, even the 'silent' ones produce noise, and the quietest 'silent' generators produce around just 59 decibels. While it's certainly not quiet, when standing around 10 meters from the generator, it's effectively silent.

If you're looking to take advantage of silent generator hire, then you should look for what's known as an inverter style generator. These generators typically run on petrol or gas, and they're some of the quietest on the market. While they're by no means quiet, they are as quiet as you'll get and it's quiet enough so as to not have to shout nearby.

Sadly however, inverter style generators have a limited output to around 3.3 kilowatts which means they're great for taking along on a road trip in your camper van or being used to power a few lights, but when it comes to more industrial uses, you'll need a traditional diesel generator instead of silent generator hire.

However, all is not lost because many generator rental companies offer silent generator hire for diesel generators too! However, to achieve the relative silence you require, they actually use sound dampening canopies and containers to muffle the sound of the generator and ensure that everything is kept quiet. It's the best of both worlds, because you get a powerful generator that's as quiet as you need it to be.

While truly silent generator hire is certainly a myth, there are certainly very quiet silent generator sets available for hire. With multiple fuel types, you'll probably be surprised to learn that between gas, diesel and petrol, diesel and petrol generators are the quietest! They're also the most reliable, with diesel coming out on top thanks to the fact that just like in cars; with a diesel you get more miles to the gallon thanks to the properties of this fuel.

The good news is that as generators get more and more high tech, it's only a matter of time until silent generator hire becomes truly silent. We're almost there already with the digital / inverter generators, and with companies such as Honda constantly making more and more progress when it comes to making the world's quietest generator, it's only a matter of time.

Silent generator hire is available throughout the United Kingdom and there are many companies from plant hire outlets to dedicated generator hire firms offering this service. Generally speaking if you want a larger generator, it's always best to speak to the experts, as they can not only help you with choosing the best sized gen, they can also install and manage the whole thing for you.

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