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Diesel Generator Set Hire

Diesel Generator Set Hire

Hiring a generator can be a very cost effective alternative to purchasing your own. This is mainly because a generator is usually only needed for certain parts of the year, for example if you go camping or if you are organising an event. The notable exceptions are houses in areas where there are frequent power cuts, such as in Africa or Asia, or of course, vital services that have responsibility over the lives of the members of the community they serve. Hospitals and fire services or prisons, for example, require a generator at all times, as a power cut could mean people die.

What is Diesel Generator Set Hire?

Generators run on either diesel or petrol. Diesel generator set hire is the hire of a set of generators, which can vary in sizes, such as one large generator and several smaller generators. This can be particularly useful if you are organising an event across a reasonably large area and have, for example, several stages as well as stalls that require powering. Diesel generator set hire companies could suit all those needs by providing you with more than one generator.

Where Can I Find Diesel Generator Set Hire?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer diesel generator set hire, both locally and nationally. Some of the better known diesel generator set hire companies are:
  • Progress Group, who specialise in worldwide power distribution and also offer diesel generator set hire.
  • Powerland, a company that prides itself on its high levels of customer service and customer satisfaction and offers a variety of generators for hire, including diesel generator set hire, for both short term and long term hire agreements.
  • Stuart Power Ltd offers diesel generator set hire, as well as other generators and pride themselves on their very competitive prices.
  • Aggreko is a company that specialises in nationwide diesel generator set hire as well as other types of generators and power solutions. They also offer containerised generator sets that are gas powered.
  • YorPower, who pride themselves on the high quality of their generator fleet.

Estimated Cost of Diesel Generator Set Hire

The cost of a diesel generator set hire will vary depending on the exact type of generator you require. Generally, diesel generators are of a slightly larger size than petrol generators and can hence be more costly. However, many companies offering diesel generator set hire pride themselves on being able to beat or at least match any like for like quote, meaning that with some research you should be able to find reasonably cheap diesel generator set hire.

So if you are looking at organising a large scale event and require sufficient power for the different stalls, toilet facilities, microphones and other electric equipment finding a diesel generator set hire may be just what you need. And with so many different companies to choose from, you are sure to be able to find a diesel generator set hire that meets all your needs and requirements, including your budget of course.

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