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Small Generator Hire

Small Generator Hire

Small generator hire is getting increasingly common as generators not only get cheaper, they get quieter, lighter and a great deal more portable. Today, there are even some generators out there which claim to be nearly silent! These new generators take advantage of digital technology, and while they're not quiet, they're small, lightweight and pretty useful when it comes to generating power.

Looking at small generator hire, there are typically two main varieties, and that's inverter generator hire and standard generators. Between the two, inverter generators are more modern, but because they take advantage of digital technology to both enhance the efficiency and ensure that the power output is well regulated and clean. This makes these small generators the ultimate in small generator hire, because although they can't produce a great deal of power, they're incredibly affordable and they can be used to power almost anything from electronics to lawnmowers.

One of the most important things when it comes to small generator hire, knowing your power requirements is essential. If it's at all possible, inverter style generators are the best in the small generator market, however they only go up to around 3.3 kilowatts. As a result, if you need more, you're going to have to rely on larger types of generator which aren't as quiet. These larger generator sets can provide anything from 5 kilowatts up to 5,000!

When looking at small generator hire, it's generally available throughout the country and almost anyone can take advantage of it. You'll find small generator hire available in shops, builder's merchants and industrial hire outlets and prices can range from 50 per day to 100 per week. Typically however prices vary based on generator size and rental period.

Fuelling smaller generators is really pretty easy as well. In fact, most of them run on petrol, and filling them up is a simple case of turning off the power to avoid fire risk, filling them up and then re-starting the generator. When you hire the generator, someone will guide you on its operation, as well as fuelling the generator and performing any other tasks that are required.

Typically however with smaller generators there isn't really much that can go wrong. It's a simple case of ensuring there's enough petrol, sufficient oil and that you've got everything plugged in. Starting these small generators is normally really easy, and it's done with a pull-cord. Some models may also have an additional choke.

Small generator hire is a really useful way to get some additional extra power just where you need it. Whether it's for a couple of extra lights for a few days or to power some electrical tools, there are countless options available, and these days smaller generators such as the inverter kind are also pretty good at powering computers and other sensitive electrical equipment. Small generator hire gives you the flexibility to work pretty much anywhere you want. Even though the power is limited, small generators can last for up to eight hours.

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