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3 Phase Generator Hire

3 Phase Generator Hire

Many organisations choose to hire a generator to protect their essential services in case of a power shortage or power cut. In organisations such as a hospital, a loss of power can have devastating consequences, including death, and having a generator in place can protect these vital services for a period of time. Generators are also frequently used to power large scale events, such as concerts.

What is 3 Phase Generator Hire?

3 Phase generators are generally used to power heavy loads, such as large motors. They alternate the generation of power, its transmission and its distribution. In such a system, there are three separate circuit conductors that have alternating currencies of the same frequency that operate with a delay, meaning power transfer is constant on each current cycle and produces a rotating magnetic field.

Where Can I Find 3 Phase Generator Hire?

There are many companies in the United Kingdom that offer 3 Phase Generator Hire. Some of these are local companies whilst others operate across the United Kingdom. Some of the better known companies are:
  • WBPS, who have a very large fleet of generators, including 3 phase generators, all diesel.
  • HSS Hire is a national company specialising in the hire of all sorts of machinery, including 3 phase generators.
  • Standby Power, who offer 3 phase generators in 80, 40 and 22 kVA.
  • Top Generator Hire who specialise in a large range of generators, including diesel generators, 3 phase generators, portable generators and silent generators.
  • Abird who specialise in generator hire, including 3 phase generators, and pride themselves on meeting all industrial demands and going above and beyond the normal level of service. They offer a quiet, reliable and strong power supply and offer a qualified technical expert service around the clock.

Estimated Cost of 3 Phase Generator Hire

The cost of 3 phase generator hire will vary entirely on the size of generator you require. Generally, prices are per week, but can become more cost effective for longer term hire. For an example, a small portable petrol 3 phase generator will cost around 26 per week, a 6kVA silenced diesel 3 phase generator will cost around 105 per week and a 20kVA silenced diesel 3 phase generator will cost around 500 per week.

So, whether you are looking to power a large event, need a generator for an essential service, or are just concerned about reported upcoming power cuts, you are sure to be able to find a company that can offer you a 3 phase generator that can meet all your needs. Prices are affordable and reasonable for the service that a 3 phase generator offers and many companies will also offer technical support for the duration of your generator hire, meaning you know you will be helped if something goes wrong. Most 3 phase generators are also very silent, meaning you do not have to worry about excessive noise levels in case of a power shortage. Whether you require a 3 phase generator for a day or a year, you are sure to be able to find one that meets all your needs and requirements for a price that fits your budget.

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