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Generator Hire

Generator Hire

A generator is a piece of machinery that is able to provide power in situations where no connection to the electricity grid exists, or in case of power cuts. There are certain services where having a constant flow of electricity means the difference between life and death for example hospitals and fire departments and these types of organisations will require a generator to allow them to continue their services during a power cut.

Generators are also used in outdoor events such as village fetes or weddings for example. Furthermore, many campers use generators on those campsites that do not offer electricity points, allowing them to continue to access the things we have become so used to, such as the ability to charge our mobile phones (although some people will also bring their microwave, television and games console!).

What is Generator Hire?

In the last two situations described above outdoor events and camping hiring a generator can be a far more cost effective way to supply power than by purchasing a generator. Generators are expensive pieces of equipment and require regular maintenance and servicing, and they are generally not used all year round. In order to not be responsible for the maintenance and servicing costs, as well as storage costs, choosing to opt for generator hire can be a very cost effective alternative.

Where Can I Find Generator Hire?

There are quite literally hundreds of companies all across the United Kingdom where you are able to find generator hire. Some specialise in generators for specific use, others offer an array of different generators. Some only operate on a local level whilst others operate all across the United Kingdom.

Some of the bigger generator hire companies in the United Kingdom are:
  • Hewden, offering a wide range of generator hire of differing sizes.
  • Power Rental, offering nationwide generator hire as well as tower light hire. They have an impressive fleet of generators for you to choose from.
  • HSS Hire, a national company that specialises in the hire of all sorts of equipment, plant and tools, including generator hire.
  • Riello UPS who specialise in UPS services, including generator hire. Their loan term always is a minimum of one month.
  • John F Hunt, who specialise in providing power to event, utilities and construction services.

Estimated Cost of Generator Hire

The cost of generator hire will vary depending on the size of the generator you require this is measured in kVA not physical size your location in the United Kingdom you may incur a charge for delivery and pick up and the length of time you require your generator hire term form many companies encourage longer term hire, making their prices much lower on a day to day basis, some companies offer any subsequent days of your generator hire contracts at less than 60% of the price of the first day.

Generators can cost anything from around 17 per week to several thousand pounds per week, depending entirely on your needs and requirements.

As you can see, there are plenty of companies across the United Kingdom offering generator hire, so you should have no problems finding a company that can offer you the generator that meets all your needs and requirements.

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