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Generator on Hire

Generator on Hire

Like so many other things, a generator is something you might need some of the time, but are unlikely to want to have to own and store all year round. This is one reason why generators are so easy to hire there is a huge demand for the use of a generator on a short term basis. There are loads of companies in the UK who specialise in renting out generators, so if you find yourself in need of one, here is what you need to know.

What is a Generator on Hire?

Generators come in all different strengths and sizes, and there are many reasons, both private and commercial, why one might wish to get a generator on hire. Often they are hired for use on building sites, or for events held in places with no permanent power supply, such as music festivals and other outdoor parties. Generators can also be hired in an emergency when your home is without power, or for use when camping.

Generator on Hire Companies

There are hundreds of companies based in the UK who offer generator hire. Some of the nationwide companies include:
  • Power Rental
  • Erento
  • Aggreko
  • Sound Force UK
  • HSS
  • Corporate Events UK
  • CW Plant
  • MEMS
  • Speedy Hire
  • Power Electrics
  • Power Rite
  • Golden Triangle Generators
  • Top Generator Hire
Talk to different local and national companies to make sure you find someone with the specification of generator you need at a cost you can afford. A local company can often be cheaper as they have to travel less of a distance to deliver and collect the unit.

How to Find a Generator on Hire Company

Often the very simplest way to find a good local company is to just ask around your co-workers and friends. If you know somebody who has recently been on a project where they have needed generator hire, the chances are they will be able to tell you who to go to. Otherwise, check out the websites of some national generator hire firms or those serving your local area for more details about their specific offerings.

What are the Estimated Costs of a Generator on Hire?

It is impossible to give a generic guide on the costs associated with hiring a generator because there are so many factors which will alter the price. These include the duration of the rental period and the size and power of the generator you hire. The best thing to do is approach a few different companies and explain your needs, and see if they have a generator they can recommend. You can often get a discount if you use the service regularly, so if you, for example, plan a lot of outdoor events, it is worth striking up a relationship with a local generator hire firm.

Getting a generator on hire can be the best and sometimes only way to have electrical power either in an emergency or for a building project or outdoor event. Plenty of companies all around the UK offer generator hire at a very reasonable cost, so try getting some quotes today!

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