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Hire a Generator

Hire a Generator

Electricity generators can be a useful back up to your normal power supply, or can be used to supply power to an area that doesn’t usually need it, such as to an open area for a party, festival or fair. Whether you need to hire a generator to provide power in an emergency or in a planned situation, such as having work done on your house or to cater for an event you are planning, there are plenty of companies both nationwide and locally based who will be able to help you.

What does it mean to Hire a Generator

There are many different types of electricity generator, and most types are easily available to hire. There are small, portable generators, silent generators, and large generators which can produce a lot of power – great for music festival sound stages and similar. When you hire a generator it will be delivered to where you need it and collected on the date you have agreed to return it which can be a big help if you need one at short notice due to a problem with your home electrical supply.

Hire a Generator Companies

There are hundreds of companies in the UK that offer generators for hire. Some of the most renowned include:
  • Erento
  • Power Rental
  • Sound Force UK
  • Aggreko
  • HSS
  • CW Plant
  • MEMS
  • Power Electrics
  • Golden Triangle Generators
  • Power Rite
  • Top Generator Hire
  • Corporate events UK
  • Speedy Hire
It is best to shop around to make sure the company that you end up hiring from offer you a good deal and have the kind of generator you need in their fleet.

How to Find a Company to Hire a Generator From

If you are looking for local generator hire, one of the best things to do is to ask around people you know locally to see if there is a company they have used in the past that they could recommend. After all, endorsements from friends and family are usually safe to trust. Otherwise, you will find that the companies listed above and many more, both serving nationally and locally, will have websites where you can compare their offerings and ask for a quote.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Generator?

The cost to hire a generator will depend on the type and size of generator you need, and how long you need it for. You will find that most of the time, the biggest cost associated with generator hire is having it delivered and picked up, so hiring it for one day will be quite expensive whereas if you keep it for a month the per day rate will work out very low. You are advised to get quotes from different companies and if you hire generators regularly ask to see if you can get a discount for repeat business.

Generator hire can be the best way to power anything from an outdoor concert to a building site, and knowing who to go to in your area when you need to hire a generator can be a big help.

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