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Petrol Generator

Petrol Generator

Hiring a generator can be a great way to ensure you are able to access some of the creature comforts we have all become so accustomed to, particularly in areas where there is no electricity. Many people, for example, choose to hire a generator when they go camping. You may feel it is an unnecessary luxury to be able to bring your television, game console and microwave (which some people do!), but it can be extremely useful to have a generator to be able to charge your mobile phone, or hook up your electric airbed pump for example!

What is Petrol Generator Hire?

Most generators are powered by either diesel or petrol. Generally, petrol is a less cost effective solution as it requires higher usage, so you will find that smaller generators are the ones that run on petrol. Camping generators, for example, usually run on petrol rather than diesel.

Where Can I Find Petrol Generator Hire?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer petrol generator hire. Some of these companies only operate in a local area whilst others have many depots and cover the whole of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, some companies specialise in generator hire for a specific reason, such as outdoor event management whilst others offer a wide range of generators, including petrol generator hire.

Some of the companies you could consider if you are looking for petrol generator hire are:
  • Power Max Generators this company offers a range of services including petrol generator hire.
  • Petrol Generator Hire this company only offers petrol generators for hire.
  • Powerland Powerland offers petrol generator hire as well as generator sales on over 200 different models of generators.
  • HSS Hire this company specialises in a wide range of tools and machinery for hire, including petrol generator hire.
  • VP Plc. Hire Station VP Plc. provide tools specifically for DIY, construction and industry. They offer a range of different generators for hire, including petrol generator hire, but also propane generators for example.

Estimated Cost of Petrol Generator Hire

The cost of petrol generator hire will vary depending on a number of factors. Firstly, the size of the generator you require (measured in kVA, not physical size), will be a determinate. Secondly, your location in comparison to the company offering the petrol generator hire will influence the price as you may incur a charge for delivery and collection. Lastly, the length of time you require your petrol generator hire agreement to last for will also make a difference, as many companies encourage longer term hire by making their prices lower for additional days.

As you can see, opting for petrol generator hire can be a very cost effective alternative to purchasing a generator outright, as you will then also be responsible for all the associated costs such as maintenance and servicing. Furthermore, you are likely to only use your generator for short periods of time, meaning that opting for petrol generator hire can truly be more cost effective.

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