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Cheap Generator Hire

Cheap Generator Hire

Generator hire can be incredibly useful if you are organising an outdoor event or any other activity that is in an area that does not have an electricity supply. Usually, generators run on either tanks of diesel or petrol and transfer this into electricity. Generator sizes vary, from being able to carry a few chargers to being able to keep an entire household running. Generators are also used in areas where having a constant electricity supply is vital for the safe operation of services, such as fire stations and, of course, hospitals.

What is Cheap Generator Hire?

Cheap generator hire is generally found for smaller generators, such as camping generators, and the types that run on smaller tanks of petrol or diesel. Many companies offering cheap generator hire will try to ensure that they can beat any like for like quote you may have received elsewhere, thereby bringing the prices down significantly.

Where Can I Find Cheap Generator Hire?

Cheap generator hire can be found from many of the local and national companies across the United Kingdom. Some of the better known companies are:
  • Power Rental, who offer nationwide cheap generator hire and have an impressive fleet of generators. As they have depots in both the North and South of England, you never need to worry too much about delivery and pick up charges.
  • HSS Hire, who specialise in low cost machinery hire of any kind, including cheap generator hire.
  • WBPS who class themselves as the power generation specialist in the United Kingdom.
  • Top Generator Hire, offering a range of different generators at low cost prices.
  • Powerland who offer cheap generator hire on a range of different generators.

Estimated Cost of Cheap Generator Hire

The cost of cheap generator hire will vary greatly depending on the type of generator you require. As stated above, many companies will try their best to beat or at least match any like for like quote, meaning that you could get a really good deal on cheap generator hire with just a little bit of research. Generally, prices will also become cheaper for longer term hire, meaning that the overall daily price will reduce the longer your cheap generator hire contract lasts.

It is also important to remember that opting for cheap generator hire is a very cost effective alternative to purchasing one. Besides the hire price, you will only be responsible for - potentially - delivery and pick up charges, and the cost of petrol or diesel. Purchasing a generator, however, means that you will also have responsibility for the safety checking costs, as well as maintenance and servicing.

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