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Honda Generator Hire

Honda Generator Hire

Many people choose to hire a generator to allow them to have access to power in areas that are not on the electricity grid. For example, when camping, more and more people prefer to still be able to access certain creature comforts, such as a kettle, mobile phone charger and microwave, although some people are even bringing televisions and game consoles! A small generator would meet all your needs in such a situation. Generators can also be used for power on a larger scale, such as at concerts or other events.

What is Honda Generator Hire?

Honda have made many different generators and it is often the brand of choice for generator hire. Many companies and organisations offer Honda generator hire only, as it is such a known and trusted brand that delivers on quality and performance. Honda generator hire is available for both petrol generators and diesel generators.

Where Can I Find Honda Generator Hire?

There are many companies that offer Honda generator hire. Some operate nationally whilst others only work in their local area. Some of the companies you could take into consideration, for example, are:
  • CWE Generator Hire this company specialises mainly in Honda generator hire, although they also offer other top quality brands.
  • Generator Hire Ltd this company offers both Honda generator hire and Honda generator sales.
  • VP Plc. Hire Station VP Plc. specialise in hiring tools for construction, DIY and industry including Honda generator hire.
  • Sparks Power Generator Services this company offers Honda generator hire and specialises in everything that is needed to successfully run an outdoor event.
  • Christian Faversham Catering Hire this company specialises in outdoor catering, including Honda generator hire.

Estimated Cost of Honda Generator Hire

The cost of Honda generator hire will vary greatly depending on the type of generator you require, how long you want your rental agreement to last for (many companies encourage longer term hire by making their prices more cost effective for longer hire periods) and your location in the United Kingdom, as you may incur a delivery and pick up charge.

As an example, a 6kVA silent diesel generator may cost you around 130 for a day and around 45 for any additional days. This specific Honda generator hire will cost you around 170 for a weekend hire or 215 for a full week.

A smaller generator such as the Honda EU10i 1kVA silent generator should cost around 40 for twenty four hours. The EU20i, one model up, will cost around 50 for twenty four hours.

So, whether you are looking at being able to use your mobile phone and laptop when you are camping, or whether you are organising a music festival and need to power stalls and stages, choosing a Honda generator hire could be the solution for you. With such a wealth of companies offering Honda generator hire, you are sure to be able to find a generator that meets all your needs, specifications and requirements, including, of course, your budget constraints.

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