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Hire Ozone Generator

Hire Ozone Generator

Ozone is a powerful naturally occurring oxidising agent and, when mixed with water, it creates a biocide solution capable of destroying a broad range of bacteria, viruses, and cysts. It is naturally produced by solar radiation and lightning (what you smell after a lightning storm is, in fact, ozone). Because it is natural, when it breaks down, the by-product is oxygen, so there are no pollutants. For this reason, it is very appealing to companies needing a biocide that is also environmentally friendly. Besides being a biocide, ozone is also effective in eliminating nasty odours such as those coming from cigarettes, pets, etc. The latter is the most common non-commercial reason to hire an ozone generator.

Companies Offering Hire Ozone Generator

You may come into a situation where you need to either kill bacteria or remove foul smells. For example, you are buying a home that was formerly occupied for many years by smokers. No matter how much you clean, personally or professionally, the odour is still there. Businesses will also find them cost effective to help eliminate harmful or annoying odours that result from personal or industrial operations. They can also be effective in ensuring that harmful bacteria are eliminated both from the premises of a home or an office. The following are a few companies you can contact to hire ozone generator for your needs:
  • National Tool Hire Shops
  • Hire Station
  • Brandon Hire
  • Big Hire
All companies, including those mentioned above, will ensure you are properly trained on the usage of the equipment before you leave their store. They also carry a number of accessories you many need to ensure safe and effective operation. A key accessory is plastic sheeting and tape to seal the area being treated. While the machine is in operation, it is required to have all pets, plants, people, and natural rubber products removed. Once the machine is turned off and the seal broken, ozone decomposes almost immediately to oxygen, thus allowing quick access to the space. This is a big difference to chemical fogging.

Estimated Costs of Hire Ozone Generator

The hire ozone generator is available in different sizes, and you should base your choice on the volume of the room being treated. In general, you can hire ozone generator for about 65-83 per day for a 3g/hr unit. Longer term rates are also available. You should consult with the company to ensure you obtain the proper size unit, appropriate accessories, and most importantly, the proper training involved in the safety of the operation.

Finding Hire Ozone Generator Companies

Start with the companies listed above to find a hire ozone generator. All the companies listed offer hire services throughout the UK. You could also enquire with friends or relatives who may have hired ozone generator in the past. Health officials can be another source as well as real estate brokers. If you are trying to clean up smoke damage from a fire, your insurance company could also provide references.

When faced with nauseating odours, worrying about the spread of disease, or just having a good sense of cleanliness, a hire ozone generator may be just what you need. They are environmentally friendly and produce no harmful pollutants when compared with other fumigating techniques. A hire ozone generator is well worth looking into for the safe health of family and co-workers.

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