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Generator Hire Price

Generator Hire Price

At some point, you may find yourself in a situation where an electrical power source is needed but accessing the power grid is not an option. In times like these a generator becomes a useful alternative. Or maybe you run a business which requires continual electrical power. It may be more cost effective for you to hire a generator as a backup to the power grid to ensure continued operations if the grid goes down.

Companies Stating Generator Hire Prices

When you seek to hire a generator, one key concern will be the upcoming expenses. The answer to how much you’ll need to spend in order to acquire a unit depends on the type of generator being hired, the length of the hire, the location etc. The following are a few companies you can contact to help you find the best generator for your needs:
  • Generator Hire UK – the company’s main office is in Berkshire and their aim is to provide portable power for all kinds of events such as festivals, weddings, and parties. They also provide long term leases to ensure backup power is available for commercial and industrial clients. Their highly skilled engineers will ensure the generator is properly set up and maintained to provide peak performance. They will also provide all the necessary power distribution equipment so that all parts of your event have the power needed.
  • Denro Power Services Ltd – based in Shrewsbury, this company can supply any size of generator from 1kVA to 1000kVA to anywhere in the UK. They have trained staff to provide a quotation based on your specific needs as well as short term rentals. They have all the necessary equipment to set up your generator power safely and efficiently to ensure your event or business will not go down due to a lack of improper power.
  • Power Rental – this company offers a full range of generators for hire to businesses for backup power sources as well as temporary power for construction or similar projects. They provide delivery, installation, qualified operators, and fuel. Their trained staff will also hook up the generator to the businesses' existing power supply system when hired as a back-up system. They will deliver and install the generator anywhere in the UK.

Estimated Generator Hire Prices

If your need is only for a small petrol generator you can rent one for about £25 per day for a 1kVA size. The larger the generator - the higher the generator hire price. For medium sized generators (approximately 15kVA to 50kVA) the generator hire price will start at around £150 per day; and for larger sizes expect to pay £300 or more. If your needs are special such as in the case of a festival or outdoor concert, or as a long term hire for power backup, you will need to consult with the hire company for a quotation.

Finding out More about Service Providers and Generator Hire Prices

To acquire more information on approximate generator hire prices, you can begin contacting the companies listed above. Another good source is friends or family who have hired a generator before. If you belong to a business or trade organisation, they can also provide references for generator hire prices and companies offering these units for rent.

So if you are planning a county festival, hosting a garden party, or are in charge of a construction project at a remote location, there is a generator available to meet your needs. The generator hire prices will vary depending on the size, location, lease term, and any auxiliary equipment. It is best to plan ahead and talk with the hire company to get the best generator hire prices.

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