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Hire Electric Generator

Hire Electric Generator

Certain essential services the world over have generators in place that can back up their power for a certain amount of time in case of a power shortage or power failure. These services are, amongst others, hospitals, fire stations and the emergency service call centres. If power should fail in one of these services, the consequences could be absolutely devastating. Individuals and organisations can also choose to hire a generator if they are, for example, organising an event that they want to power or if they want to be able to run certain types of electrical equipment in areas without any power. Camping generators are an excellent example of this.

What is Electric Generator Hire?

Generators generally run on either petrol or diesel. Electric generator hire looks at generator hire that has an electric key start. These generators can be powered by petrol or diesel and some are even powered by oil.

Where Can I Find Electric Generator Hire?

There is a wealth of companies across the United Kingdom that offer electric generator hire services, both nationally and locally. Some of the better known companies are:
  • WGS Power and Lighting, who offer a range of electric generator hire services, including the WG07 in different kVA.
  • Power Electrics Generators, who say they are the United Kingdom’s largest generator specialist that is privately owned. They offer electric generator hire, sales, service and parts.
  • County Fetes, focussing mainly on the South East of England, focuses on all equipment that is necessary for the smooth running of events, including electric generator hire. They focus mainly on generator hire and flood light systems.
  • Cool Energy Temperature Rental specialise in offering electric generator hire in relation to cooling and air conditioning.

Estimated Cost of Electric Generator Hire

The cost of electric generator hire will vary greatly depending on the type of generator you require. Size is generally measured in output capacity, meaning how many Watts, Volts and Amps it can carry. The cost of electric generator hire will also vary depending on your location in comparison to the company, as you are likely to incur some charges for delivery and pick up.

Most electric generator hire companies are happy to offer long term hire solutions and the day to day price will become much lower over time. There are also many competing companies, meaning that you should be able to find a company that is happy to at least match, but possibly beat, any like for like quote you may have received elsewhere.

So, regardless of whether you want to make sure you continue to have power in your home in case of a power shortage, or whether you are organising a large event, or whether you are camping but would like to be able to continue to use your creature comforts such as a mobile phone or electric toothbrush, you are sure to be able to find an electric generator hire company that is able to meet all your requirements, needs and specifications, including your budget of course.

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