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Generator Hire Surrey

Generator Hire Surrey

Nowadays, as generators are getting more advanced and easy to acquire, itís becoming increasingly affordable and simple to do jobs that seemed impossible before due to a lack of an adequate power supply. Many generator hire companies in Surrey offer generators to private individuals, businesses and contractors, and these generators come in various sizes and fuel consumption levels. Once you determine the amount of power you need, it should be quite simple to find a generator hire company that services your area. A convenient option is to hire small generators as most of them are self-serviced and pretty straightforward to operate.

Companies offering Generator Hire Surrey

When determining where in Surrey to get generator hire services from, the first step would be to look at your power supply requirements. If you need a small generator, you will find it easy to locate a hire company but if you are looking for large units, you will realise that your choices are more limited. There are several companies in Surrey offering generator hire services including:
  • Carron Marquees - This is a generator hire provider aimed at supplying generators for both events and for private homes where a usual power supply cannot meet the demand. The company offers hire services even during weekends and their qualified electricians can carry out the electrical installations on your behalf.
  • Hewden Hire Centres LTD - This is one of the largest generator hire companies in Surrey, and due to their convenient location, they are able to provide their services nationwide. They have a record of investing in the latest generator models which enables them to meet all of their clientís requirements.
  • Speedy Hire Centres LTD - This company is a leading provider of generator hire services and has been since its establishment in 1977. Its 400 depots distributed throughout the UK make them a great choice no matter where you are located in the UK.
  • Surrey Hire and Sales LTD - This company has a vast range of generators that are ideal for both domestic and corporate events. They offer both petrol and diesel fuelled generators even on weekends but at a slightly higher rental fee.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Surrey

Today, the diesel-fuelled generator is the most widely used as it is slightly more economical and not to mention cheaper to hire. Generator hire services are available for almost all purposes and some estimated prices are listed below depending on the power output.
  • Generators with a power output of less than 1 to 3kVA range from £27 to £40 per day.
  • Those with a power output of 5kVA to 10kVA range from £90 to £156 per day.
  • Those between 20kVA to 100kVA range from £480 to £730 per week.

Finding Generator Hire Surrey Companies

You can find out more about these companies and the services they offer by speaking to local businesses who use generator hire in your area, or you could ask your friends or neighbours as some of them might have used alternative power supplies at some point in their lives.

Hiring an emergency power generator is an essential measure, especially for those residential and commercial customers who require generators for a temporary event. Whatever your needs may be, there is sure to be a generator that meets your requirements and plenty of providers who are more than willing to share their expertise regarding the latest models.

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