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Generator Hire Essex

Generator Hire Essex

Whether you are hosting a garden party or organising the local festival, having reliable power will be a concern especially if your location does not have access to the primary power grid. Therefore you need to seek out the advice of a generator hire Essex company to fill your power needs. They will work with you to identify your specific requirements, counsel you on the proper size generator, offer auxiliary equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation, and deliver, install and pick-up the unit. Their trained engineers will also be available to operate and/or maintain any unit you hire.

Companies Offering Generator Hire Essex

No matter whether you require a one day rental or a long term lease the following companies are examples of generator hire Essex firms available to meet your needs:
  • Sparks Power Generator Service - this company specialises in providing power to the outdoor event industry. They carry a wide range of generators which are suitable for all different sizes of events. Their trained staff will ensure you have the proper size generator, associated power distribution equipment and cabling, fuel bowser (if longer than 24 hours), and delivery/installation. For long term hires, they will also provide qualified engineers to maintain the equipment.

  • Energy Rentals – covering the corporate, industrial, and event industries this company provides complete packages of generator power. Whether it is a cultural festival, product launch, or film production the company's staff is ready to ensure safe, efficient and effective power is available. They have the resources to ensure the power supply is located where it is needed, even on building roof tops. They service the entire Essex area as well as nearby counties.

  • Phase Hire ltd – having a well maintained inventory of generators ranging from 15kVA to 100kVA, the company is able to provide portable power to meet most needs. Their business caters to events such as weddings, parties, corporate outings, and festivals. All units are road towable to ensure ease of delivery and set up at the location. They also provide cables and distribution boxes to ensure the safe delivery of power throughout the event site.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Essex

When determining the cost of a generator hire Essex the main factor is the load. This determines what size generator will best serve the needs. The length of the hire is also important as it determines the fuel management requirement. Small portable petrol units can be obtained at a daily rate of around £25 to £50. However, for longer term usage and larger units, the companies prefer to meet to with you before offering a quote.

Finding Generator Hire Essex Companies

If you know you will be needing generator power, ask your acquaintances who they have used. Businesses can check with their trade association for recommendations. When you are traveling about and see a generator in use, ask about the company. Generator hire Essex companies are always seeking new business and are ready to answer your questions.

Whether you are staging the latest product release for your company or planning your daughter’s outdoor wedding, a generator hire Essex company is available to help meet your power requirements. They are experts in ensuring you have the right generator and power distribution equipment to service your event.

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