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Generator Hire Scotland

Generator Hire Scotland

Electricity is one of those things that individuals or businesses fail to think much about until it is not available, and such an error can lead to serious consequences especially in the case of people dealing with perishable goods. Being able to hire a generator in Scotland is vital when it comes to preventing losses brought about by power failure. Generators in Scotland are offered in a variety of sizes and makes depending on what they will be used for. Once you determine the size you need and the type of fuel you want to use, you can then start searching for the ideal generator hire Scotland company to deliver the services.

Companies Offering Generator Hire Scotland

If you are looking for a generator hire Scotland company you will want to make sure to hire one that will deliver the generator when you require it. You may also want to look for a company who can offer you advice as to which is the best generator for your needs and of course you will need to find one which fits into your budget. Some of the best companies in the Scotland area are described below.
  • Hire Power Generators Limited - This company has earned an excellent reputation for the provision of efficient and very reliable generators from their location in Glasgow to areas throughout Scotland. The company is also widely known for showing great commitment in delivering the best generators for both businesses and domestic clients.

  • Hewden - Hewden is an expert provider of generator hire services and is known to deliver them in a timely manner. Their generators are diesel powered with internal fuel tanks and range in size from 17.5kVA to 500kVA output. A variety of different hire periods are available if you choose to hire your generator with Hewden.

  • Field Engineering Services Limited This company stocks a wide range of generators for hire with a variety of different power outputs. They have years of experience in the industry and can give you detailed, individual advice as to which generator is the best solution for your needs.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Scotland

Generators are becoming easier to manufacture and thus the cost of generator hire services in Scotland is reducing. Some of the quoted prices include:
  • A petrol fuelled generator with an output of 2kVA to 4kVA costs anywhere between 25 and 60 per day
  • A diesel or petrol fuelled generator with an output of 6kVA to 10kVA ranges from 100 to 150 per day.
  • A generator with a 60kVA output costs on average between 700 and 750 per week.
  • A generator with an output of 100kVA can cost anywhere between 760 and 1000 per week.

Finding Generator Hire Scotland Companies

If you want to get in touch with generator hire Scotland companies, a good place to start is by asking friends of family members who have hired generators in the past about their experiences. You can also ask around at public events in your area to find out which company helps supply the power.

There are dozens of great generator hire Scotland companies and you should have no trouble in finding a company that can meet your needs at a price that suits you.

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