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Generator Hire Leeds

Generator Hire Leeds

When the main electricity supply fails, even the average household needs some sort of power backup for lighting purposes and to keep some critical functions like air-conditioning, door control and the security system going. For the well-heeded, this may take the form of a standby solar powered battery backup system costing over 1,000. For the average homeowner, a generator is a more affordable option, and generator hire especially if the power outage is only a temporary one. A number of companies in Leeds, both local and national, offer generator hire services for home, office and larger establishments.

Companies offering Generator Hire Leeds

The local tool hire companies usually stock small and medium-sized generators for home and small office use. The national hire companies usually have generators to meet any need, and can be of service in the case of construction companies, hospitals, factories and similar heavy-duty applications. This list features all these categories:
  • E.J. Parkinson & Son - This is a local general tool hire company whose units include petrol generators from 0.5kVA to 5kVA and Whispergen diesels from 5kVA to 20kVA.
  • HSS Hire HSS are a nationwide tool hire company that offers generator hire services all over the UK.
  • Brandon Hire Ltd This is a general tool hire company that offers nationwide generator hire services.
  • Power Rental Power Rental are a specialised generator hire company with nationwide coverage. They stock medium to heavy-duty generators in the 6kVA to 200kVA range and can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Leeds

The costs for hiring a small 0.5kVA petrol generator start at 13 for one day and 24 for one week, to 66 per day for the 5KVA petrol generators (and 120 if you rent it for one week).

The 20KVA diesel generators cost around 150 per day and 275 for one week. In general, hiring the generator for longer periods is more cost-effective. In this case, it works out at roughly 40 per day for the 20KVA generator when you hire it for one full week.

Finding Generator Hire Leeds

Friends and family, or your neighbours are a good source of information about generator hire, so you may want to get in touch with those who may have hired a generator themselves for an emergency or other need. Their recommendations are usually more trustworthy than the company hype. For the medium range units, you could get good information from a local events management company. Some of these do hire generators pretty often, and they do that through local hire companies, so they might answer your questions. To acquire really big generators though, you need to contact the actual hire companies to obtain accurate information.

Power outages and interruptions are becoming a fact of life these days. The mains grid system is very often overloaded; and maintenance work intended to reduce transmission losses or to optimise the system means you sometimes have to put up with the outages or interruptions for hours or days. But in most cases buying your own generator may not make sense and hiring is the much better option.

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