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Generator Hire Southampton

Generator Hire Southampton

If you own a business in Southampton or want to hold an event such as a wedding or a concert in the area you may find yourself in need of a generator. Generators are incredibly useful in places that are off the national grid and in places where a regular supply of power is not guaranteed. Generator hire Southampton companies can supply generators that are large enough to supply power to a construction site, to small items that are perfect for a camping holiday. There are a variety of different generators available for hire in Southampton for a number of different needs.

Companies offering Generator Hire Southampton

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in companies offering generator hire in Southampton due to the rapid development in the manufacture of generators. Some of these companies are:
  • Gener8 Hire Company - This company is well known for its dedication in supplying power to all sorts of clients. They offer their services to corporate companies and private individuals and can also offer advice as to which generator would be best for your requirements. Aside from supplying the generator, the Gener8 Hire Company will offer to set up and maintain your generator for the duration of your hire period.

  • Standby power systems – This company offers numerous different types of portable generators for customers who require a simple yet reliable source of power. Their generators are particularly hired by customers requiring power for events such as concerts, weddings, farmers markets, marquees etc. They also supply power for small businesses, local construction sites and on any other occasion when there is a need for an emergency power supply.

  • SLD Pump and Powers - This company is regarded as being one of the leading generator hire companies in Southampton having been in the industry for over 40 years. The company provides generators for a variety of different needs such as hospitals and quarries and also for events such as concerts and film production.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Southampton

The cost of generator hire in Southampton varies depending on the model, size and whether it is using petrol, diesel or natural gas for fuel. Some of the estimated prices are listed below.
  • Generators with a power output of less than 1kVA to around 6kVA will cost anywhere between £20 and £140 per day.
  • Generators with an output of around 10kVA can be hired for between £140 and £160 per day.
  • Generators with an output of between 20kVA and 40kVA start at around £480 per week.

Finding Generator Hire Southampton Companies

If you are based in Southampton or carrying out a public event in the Southampton area you may want to start your search for a generator hire company by asking businesses and construction sites in the area who they use. If there are any public events happening in the area this is another option as is speaking to any friends or family who live in Southampton and have used the services of a generator hire company before.

As more and more people are taking advantage of generator hire, acquiring an off-the-grid power supply has never been easier. And with so many companies offering these services, you won’t ever experience problems finding alternative power sources at decent prices. Just make sure you take the necessary steps of contacting generator hire Southampton companies before finalising your upcoming event.

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