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Generator Hire Aberdeen

Generator Hire Aberdeen

Businesses and homes both require power to run smoothly. At times, there may be a power interruption due to weather or planned construction. When this happens, generator hire Aberdeen is the ideal solution to ensure power is maintained during the disruption. For businesses, this is critical as some applications, such as an offshore oil rig, may not have ready access to the main power grid.

Companies Offering Generator Hire Aberdeen

Generator hire Aberdeen can be obtained through several companies in the area. Among them are:
  • kVA Ltd the company specialises in tailoring the rental of diesel powered generators to meet your needs. Their inventory contains generators which can be installed at a construction or business site, as well as specialised generators for offshore requirements. The delivery, installation, and maintenance of the generators are carried out by the company's trained engineers. The company also provides power distribution equipment, fuel tanks, and cabling.

  • Genny Hire Ltd this company offers their services throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding counties. They have a full range of generators to meet your needs whether it is an event, construction site, farm or marine location. Each hire includes all the necessary auxiliary equipment such as fuel tanks, distribution panels, cables, and connectors. A staff of trained engineers will ensure the installation and maintenance is done with the utmost safety of operation in mind.

  • Aberdeen Tool Rental (ATR) Group this company specialises in providing generator hire Aberdeen to industries ranging from offshore to plant facilities. Their expert staff will determine the ideal size of generator to provide the power requirement you need. The package includes all necessary equipment including installation.

  • Nixon Hire if your generator hire Aberdeen need is on a smaller scale, this company stands ready to assist you. They provide a full range of small to medium size generators and auxiliary equipment for any type of requirement. Packages include delivery, installation, fuel, and operation if needed. They even offer small petrol powered generators suitable for homeowners.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Aberdeen

When it comes to generator hire Aberdeen pricing, companies, including those listed above, prefer to meet with the client to understand the full requirements before quoting a tariff. This is because there are a lot of variables which need to be considered with each hire. These factors include the power load, the length of hire, the auxiliary equipment needed, location, fuel consumption, and if an operator will be required. All generator hire Aberdeen companies have a fully trained sales staff to advise you on the proper generator and the cost.

Finding Generator Hire Aberdeen Companies

Generator hire Aberdeen companies can be easily located by seeing who is providing the generator power at your local event or business. If you see a generator being installed, ask the engineer about the company and how to contact them. You can also ask friends or family if they have ever used a generator hire Aberdeen. Businesses can contact their local business guild or industry organisation for leads.

Regardless of whether you are a home owner or business owner, you may find yourself in need of portable or backup power. Generator hire Aberdeen companies are ready and willing to work with you to determine the best equipment for your needs.

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