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Generator Hire Costs

Generator Hire Costs

There are situations when a standby generator for emergency use may become a necessity especially if you live in an area that has frequent power outages. When you have to face such situations on a recurring basis, buying a generator becomes a pretty convenient option. But for most short-term backup situations such as the occasional power grid failure or for outdoor events and parties, or for use at construction sites, generator hire is the simplest option. A number of specialised generator hire companies as well as multi-purpose tool hire services firms all over the UK make it easy for you to hire generators, ranging from the small, portable “suitcase” units to the huge, heavy-duty plants for industrial scale applications.

Companies offering Generator Hire UK

Some of the specialised nationwide companies stock generators in the medium to large category, that is, units between 6KVA to 200KVA and above. For the smaller sizes, the tool hire companies are usually better equipped. The list given here is a selection from both categories:
  • Top Generator Hire – This is a nationwide generator hire company offering leading brands including Honda, Yamaha, Onan, Caterpillar and Guardian.
  • Power Rental – This company offer Atlas Copco, SDMO, SMC, Madden, JCB, CAT and Perkins generators and delivery throughout the UK plus support and maintenance is included in the hire price.
  • HSS Hire - A general tool hire company that offers generator hire services throughout the UK for small to medium sized generators.
  • Brandon Hire Ltd - Another nationwide general tool-hire company offering quality generator hire services.
  • Generator UK Hire – This is a specialised generator hire company with a stock of medium to large units as well as power vans. Nationwide delivery and installation is included in the price.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire UK

The daily hire cost for the small 500-700W petrol generators is between £25 and £35 for the first day and £10 for each extra day. A weekend hire costs around £30 and you can expect to pay £50 for the week.

For applications requiring more power, the 1600W or the 2600W units are portable and yet powerful enough to meet the demand of small to medium power requirements. These go for £30 to £40 per day, or £100 for 3 days and £150 for a week.

The heavy-duty diesel generators above 6kVA are mostly used in large installations like hospitals, factories and construction sites. The delivery costs alone can be quite high and the hire costs range from around £120 per day for the 6kVA generator to £710 per week for the 60kVA units.

Finding Generator Hire UK

As mentioned earlier, most general tool hire companies offer generators for hire. In case you need to hire a generator for domestic applications, these will usually have suitable units to cover your needs. You can find a reliable service provider near you by asking friends and neighbours who have used the service before, or you could contact some of the companies listed above to gain information on a local outlet or branch.

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