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Generator Hire Hampshire

Generator Hire Hampshire

Modern households depend heavily on electricity for everything from the lights and appliances to supplying power to electronic devices. Some homes even require electricity for such basic tasks as opening doors. And yet, electricity is becoming less and less reliable, especially in intense weather conditions which are, yes you’ve guessed it, becoming a more regular occurrence in the UK.

With high winds and intense storms in Hampshire causing power interruptions, many people are now turning to generator hire to ensure they have a back up electricity supply during the winter months. A number of nationwide and local companies offer generator hire to the Hampshire area, and prices often decrease if you opt for a longer hire period.

Companies offering Generator Hire Hampshire

Depending on the type of generator you require and the length of the hire period you will have a number of options available to you. Below are some of the generator hire companies in the Hampshire area:
  • Gener8 – this company offer generator hire throughout the Hampshire and Southampton areas. They can supply generators for both corporate and individual use and will advise you on which model is best for you. Once you have signed the agreement they will also deliver, collect and install your generator.
  • Winner Plant – this company offer both portable and road towable generators at competitive prices. Their generators can be delivered to locations throughout the Hampshire area.
  • P and I Generators – this local Hampshire company are generator hire specialists and offer portable generators for both long and short term hire. They specialise in weddings, festivals and all large scale events.
  • Outside Catering Hire – this Hampshire based company specialise in Honda generators for outside use. Their prices are more than affordable and almost all of their generators fall into the ‘super silent’ range.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Hampshire

The cost of hiring generators in Hampshire is more than affordable, especially when you compare the prices to the rest of the country. Below are some estimated costs for a 72 hour hire period:
  • A Pro Use petrol generator is £33.
  • A Honda 1kVA silent generator is £40
  • A Super Silent marquee generator is £220.
  • A Pramac Generator 20kVA is £310.
Of course, you are always advised to contact the companies for a free personalised quote. This way you can ensure that you get the generator that meets your requirements. Other factors such as pickup and delivery, installation and maintenance may or may not be included in the cost.

Finding Generator Hire Hampshire Companies

If you are still don’t know which company would be best for you, why not speak to friends and family who may have hired a generator in the past? You can also speak to local businesses or event organisers in your area for trusted recommendations. Then you can contact the companies directly to receive an accurate price quotation.

No matter what your electricity supply requirements are, a generator is the simplest solution. When you only require power for a small period of time, there is no point wasting money and purchasing a generator. Generator hire Hampshire companies are more than affordable and you are sure to find a generator that meets your needs.

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