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Generator Hire Cost

Generator Hire Cost

Power interruptions can affect any business or event leading to inconvenience and loss. Having a generator guarantees an uninterrupted power supply and with many companies now hiring generators, you can cut down on costs and use one as and when you need to. No matter what you need a generator for; there are dozens of companies throughout the UK who can help you out.

Factors which Influence a Generator Hire Cost

Every generator hire company will be different in terms of their hire costs and the additional services included in the price. Before you choose a company to hire your generator from you might want to take the following factors into account.
  • Find out which companies are located in your local area and out of those which will deliver to your location in an emergency situation.
  • Compare the costs you are quoted by the different companies. Some may be cheaper for shorter time periods whilst others may work out to be the cheapest for long term hires.
  • Think about how long you will need a generator for. On average, the price per day decreases the longer you hire the generator for.
  • Find out whether the cost of delivery and installation is included in the price. In many cases you may be charged an additional fee depending on how far you are from the supply warehouse.
  • Find out what models are available with the different companies and also enquire as to their reliability. Some generators are portable and can be towed with ease but whilst you may need a large generator for an outdoors or business event you are unlikely to need the same sized generator for home use.
  • Enquire as to whether maintenance and fuel management is included in the cost. A choice of petrol or diesel generators are available with most companies and it will depend on what you need the generator for as to which will be best for you.
  • Do you need a silent generator or are you willing to put up with the noise emitted by a more traditional version? This again will likely be determined by what you need the generator for.

Popular Companies and their Generator Hire Cost

There are numerous companies that specialise in generator hire in the UK including:
  • Erento
  • HSS Hire
  • Power Rental
  • Power Electronics
  • Generator UK Hire
  • Aggreko
The generators available for hire will differ per company as will the price of the hire. Generally you will find that nationwide companies are cheaper than local family businesses however if you want a personalised service (and need reassurance that you will be able to receive a generator in an emergency) a local company may work out to be the best option.

On average you can expect to pay between 25 and 100 a day depending on the model of generator you require and your location. The longer you require your generator for, the lower the daily higher price will become. Of course there are numerous factors that can influence the cost and you are always advised to speak to a number of companies and get an estimated generator hire cost from each.

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