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Generator Hire Leicester

Generator Hire Leicester

Very few homes, offices or businesses in Leicester can afford the luxury of having their own standby generator for those unforeseen emergencies when the mains supply fails. Besides storage and maintenance costs, modern generators that have state-of-the-art safety features and self-start functionality can be quite expensive. And yet, increasingly power outages and mains failures have become commonplace as the climate has changed. Power lines on the already overloaded mains grid get broken when trees are felled by gale-force winds for example. Generator hire in these circumstances becomes a very viable option.

Companies offering Generator Hire Leicester

The local generator hire companies in this list have stocks of small and medium-sized generators for home and general use. For big heavy-duty units, the nationwide services are better equipped and can deliver anywhere in the UK.
  • Premier Plant & Tool Hire - This is a general tool hire company that offers generator hire.
  • Parker Hire Service – This company offer a variety of generators to suit any situation, both petrol and diesel in the 2.5kVA to 6kVA size range.
  • HSS Hire - This is a nationwide tool hire service that offers generator hire, especially for small and medium applications.
  • Generator UK Hire - This company offers generator hire from medium sizes (6kVA) to the heavy-duty sizes (up to 200kVA). Delivery and installation is ensured regardless of the customer’s location in the UK.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Leicester

The cost of hiring a 2.5kVA petrol generator for one day from Parker Hire is £26.50, for two days £36 and for one week £47.50. The 3.3kVA diesel generator is priced the same as the 5.0kVA petrol model at £45 for one day, £60 for two days and £85 for one week. The super silent 6KVA diesel goes for £80 for one day, £110 for two days and £150 for one full week.

These general prices are indicative of generator hire costs in Leicester, provided that you hire from the local companies. The nationwide services will usually charge you extra for delivery, especially for the heavy-duty models, depending on the distance to their nearest depot.

Finding Generator Hire Leicester

For information on generator hire services in Leicester, your most reliable sources of information are friends or neighbours who have used the service before, especially where the local hire companies are concerned. Most generator hire companies provide support and maintenance services and you need to be sure that you get a well-maintained generator for hassle-free operation – and be covered in case of hardware failure or malfunction while you are still using the equipment. To find out about prices and product specifications for your special needs, you can also contact the companies listed here directly.

Power outages and interruptions can be a great inconvenience. For businesses and offices, they can also be costly in terms of downtime or loss of revenue. The solution in the case of short-term and emergency power failures is generator hire. A number of generator hire Leicester companies have made it their business to provide generator hire at affordable prices in the area, servicing homes, offices and industry branches.

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