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Generator Hire Edinburgh

Generator Hire Edinburgh

Generators are a necessity for outdoor events and during an emergency power outage. Thousands of people each year hire generators for various activities or events. Construction companies, festivals, businesses and more importantly the emergency services require generators to supply power from time to time. Generators are available in numerous sizes from small portable generators to large backup generators.

Generator Hire Costs and Unit Sizes

Finding a generator that is suited to your needs is important. Hiring a generator that is not the right size for its intended purpose can lead to power supply problems and a loss of power all together. All generators differ according to their prime, standby and base load ratings. The load to be connected to the power supply along with the maximum accepted voltage will determined the size of generator required and thus the price. Most generator hire companies will provide trained staff along with large hires to give advice and help with setup at no extra cost. General maintenance and fuel management are also often included in the price of long term hires and/or large generators.

Digital generators that are small and portable allow the user to generate power when and where it is needed - for example at a campsite. This type of generator is usually quieter (and cheaper) than the traditional models although they still produce high quality power. The output of power is clean and refined with little to no power surges or fluctuations. In addition the smaller generators can run for a long time and consume little fuel, making them environmentally friendly.

Generator Hire Costs and Diesel Consumption

The most common type of generator available for hire in the UK is the diesel generator. This type of generator converts diesel into electric power. Some generators use petrol but these are often smaller and mainly used when only a few small appliances need power. In general 0.3l of diesel is required to produce 1 kw of power for one hour. The diesel consumed will be determined by the efficiency of the generator and of course the generator’s model and capacity as well as the environment.
  • If you only need a generator for a short space of time it is more cost effective to hire than buy. The cost of maintenance on a hire will also be passed on to the hire company.
  • Hiring ensures that you find the best available equipment. You can be sure that the equipment you hire from a company will be high quality and suited to your needs.
  • If maintenance is required on a generator you will usually receive a free replacement – and of course you have no repair costs if the problem is not your fault.
Generators are available for a variety of different needs and if you do not require one on a regular basis, hiring is definitely your best option. There are so many companies now offering this service throughout the UK that the prices offered by many are now very competitive. If you know what you want speak to a number of companies and compare their price and service. Enjoy!

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