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Generator Hire Newcastle

Generator Hire Newcastle

Generator hire for home and business use is a viable option that enables you to stay on top of things when the mains electricity supply gets interrupted. This is the most affordable way to reduce downtime and keep your business running. Power outages are becoming very common lately and a standby source of power is a necessity. But if you are not in position to spend a fortune to buy your own standby unit, or you do not want to have the hassle of maintaining a unit you only use occasionally, then generator hire is your best bet. A number of generator hire Newcastle services offer affordable options for generator hire for homes, businesses and industry located in the Newcastle region.

Companies offering Generator Hire Newcastle

The list below represents a cross-section of local and national generator hire companies that serve Newcastle. For small, domestic appliances, the local companies can usually be relied upon to provide a good service. For the medium and heavy-duty applications, the nationwide services may be better equipped.
  • Brandon Hire Ltd - This is a nationwide tool hire service that offers a selection of small and medium-sized generators for hire.
  • Tooltrade – This is a popular tool hire service in the Newcastle area that offers generator hire.
  • HSS Hire - HSS is a nationwide tool hire service with branches located throughout the UK. They offer generator hire for small and medium applications.
  • Lord Hire Centres - A local tool hire company with stocks of generators for hire.
  • Power Rental - This is a specialised nationwide generator hire service with stocks of medium to heavy-duty generators (6KVA to 200KVA)

Costs of Generator Hire Newcastle

The cost of hiring the small 0.5kVA “suitcase” petrol generator or the 1.5kVA petrol model from Tooltrade is £40 for one week. Hiring for one day means you get 50% off of the weekly cost, or £20 in this case. Weekly hire costs for the 2kVA, 3kVA and 7.5kVA petrol generators are £42, £54, and £115 respectively. These prices may be considered as representative for generator hire in the Newcastle area.

Finding Generator Hire Newcastle

There are a number of generator hire Newcastle services available, and finding a reliable company may not always be easy. Try to ask friends and neighbours who have hired a generator in the recent past for information about the hire companies they used. More importantly, you need to find out what sort of support and maintenance options the company offers. If you are going to use the generator for an extended period of time, you need to be sure you’ll have uninterrupted service from the equipment.

A standby supply of power is necessary for any home or business in order to keep the equipment running and to maintain the channels of communication. When the mains electricity supply fails, generator hire becomes your most affordable way to avoid downtime and keep your customers satisfied. A number of services are available in the Newcastle area that will meet any power requirement, no matter how big or small.

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