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Generator Hire Manchester

Generator Hire Manchester

Homes, offices and big businesses, all need a source of standby power these days. The alternative energy sources like solar and wind energy have received a lot of attention lately, but the technology is still in its infancy and they can hardly fill the gap when the mains supply fails. The generator is still your primary standby option. For short-term power failures, or for those outdoor events where tapping the power from the mains is impractical, hiring, rather than buying, a generator is usually the most viable option.

Companies offering Generator Hire Manchester

There are dozens of generator hire companies in Manchester and the surrounding areas that are sure to help you with your power needs. Some of the most popular include:
  • HSS Hire this is a nationwide company that has numerous depots in the Manchester area. Their prices are competitive and they have lots of generators to choose from. Delivery and installation is usually included in the price.
  • Top Generator Hire Top Generator not only hire generators but they also sell new and used appliances. Delivery is included in the price and they will deliver to locations throughout Manchester.
  • Astley Hire Based in Lancashire this company offer generator hire to locations in Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire. They have been in business since 1966 and are the leading independent generator hire company in the North West area.
  • Hewden Hewden is another nationwide company that has a strong presence throughout the UK. They offer generator hire as well as numerous other hires of plant and tool equipment. Their prices are competitive and they have been named the number one hire company in the UK.

Estimated Costs of Generator Hire Manchester

The cost of hiring the 2kVA petrol generator from Hire-Equip is 44 for one week. Hire costs for one day will be 50% of the weekly cost and for two days 75% of the weekly cost. Weekly costs for the 3kVA petrol generator is 56, for the 4kVA 64, for the 5kVA 74, and 160 for the 6kVA silenced generator. In general, the longer you hire the generator, the cheaper the price.

Finding Generator Hire Manchester

The number of companies offering generator hire services is continuously growing, and finding a reliable service is not all that easy when you have so many providers to choose from. Your best source of information will usually be someone that has used the service before, such as a neighbour or friend. You could also contact the companies listed above for information that should prompt you into making a wise decision. If you are going to use the generator for a while, find out what sort of support and maintenance structure the company has. When you are faced with a power crisis, a dead generator is the last thing you need.

The generator, whether it uses petrol, diesel or the new bio-fuels, is likely to be your standby source of power for a long time to come. You may not need to buy one for your home since, in the case of a power crisis, hiring a unit from a generator hire Manchester service is a far more affordable option.

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