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Generator Hire

Generator Hire

With the increasing number of industries, there is an increasing demand for power. This has given rise to a whole new selection of companies which depend on the market created by this demand of power. There are many companies which let you hire generators and there are many industries which need the support of companies which offer generator hire. And itís not just industries but other organisations too who need the services of these power based companies.

Event management organisations which organise large scale events and programmes need to hire generators. This power is used for powering the stage electrical equipment and other electrical items which are used during the whole programme. Similarly, generators are used to power the equipment which is needed for running a building site. Some generator hire companies also supply generators to factories. These are high power generators which produce enough energy to run a factory or a plant. Generators are also supplied to farms and similar areas because they need the electricity for running their various needs.

Reasons Why You Might Require a Generator Hire

The generator that is hired depends on the power need of the hirer.
  • Factories and Construction Sites - If the generator is hired by a factory or any big company which has lot of machinery running in their plants then the generator that is used will be of a higher power. The same applies to the generators hired at construction sites. Since there is a lot of machinery that depends on electricity at a construction site, the generators hired need to be able to provide the required amount. Lifts, concrete mixers, drills, pumps etc. all need electricity to run. Construction sites depend heavily on generators which supply the power needed by them. Generators used by factories and construction sites are huge; they use more fuel and produce more power.

  • Outdoor Events - For outdoor events like marriages or any other outdoor party, there is a huge need for power. These events need a lot of lighting and sound arrangements and since most are held outside there is often no supply of power nearby. If the events are held in an open playground or a farm there will definitely be a need for a generator. In case there is a barn or a shed of some sort, the power requirements will often be more than what can be supplied. For such events small and portable generators are usually able to provide enough power for the lighting and sound equipment.

  • Individuals - Generators are also hired by individuals. Sometimes in areas which are prone to power blackouts during storms and other bad weather conditions, generators are hired by people for home usage. Such generators are usually smaller and tuned to the electricity needs of a house so use less fuel. Generator Hire for Events
Generators hired by event management companies are special. Since the needs of each event are different the event management companies will often have a special contact with the generator hire companies enabling them to order and hire generators according to their needs. For example, if the company is organising a music event then the generator should not produce much sound; this costs slightly more but is more than worth the price. Similarly, the power requirements and the size of the generator vary with each event. If the generator is needed to support a wedding event, a generator with a power production less than that needed for a music concert should be hired.

Outdoor events are more often than not, temporary events hence their power requirements are temporary too. This is the opposite to factories which are permanent and require a permanent supply of power. Different generator hire companies have different policies regarding the permanent and temporary supply of generators. Some companies do not supply permanent generators but rather specialise in temporary generators which are of a delicate nature. This enables them to ensure their generators are well serviced and reliable.

Knowing the Power Requirements

Generators vary greatly in power and size. When hiring a generator it is important to know the amount of electricity used by the equipment you need to power. For weddings and similar events it is easy to calculate the power requirements. Most of the time, they require only a 20kVa generator. In case of factories and plants there is a higher need. Knowing the Amps of the electrical products that are going to be operated is the first step in generator hire.

There are many companies available which provide a generator hire service. Each company promises satisfactory and value added service and some companies offer extra services like delivery, set up etc. Some even go the extra step and deliver the generator to the site and also help in setting up the whole arrangement. In cases like these the generator is towed to the area where the event is going to be held and an onsite engineer who is employed by the company overlooks the whole operation of connecting and working the equipment.

Onsite engineers are a big blessing so that when there is any trouble with the power supply, the engineer can take care of it. These companies provide 24 hours seven days a week service. They also provide the services of fully qualified generator hire service engineers. They deliver the generators anywhere in the UK.

Some of the companies also provide other equipment for hire along with the generators. For example, some companies also have the services of lighting and sound equipment. They provide the trailers and towing services which make it easier to transport the generator. Some of the other services provided by the companies are backup power solutions, power distribution system, outside lighting solutions, emergency lighting, sound hire, dance floor hire, corporate entertainment hire, event security etc.

There are different kinds of generators. Some run on petrol and some on diesel. The companies provide the generator according to the needs of the user. During most events hiring power and generators are left to the last moment. Experienced companies which have dealt with such situations know how to solve any last minute problems that may arise.

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